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Like heating, engineering and installing an air conditioning system in a commercial setting is a complex operation. The engineers and installers at Ideal Consolidated understand the difficulty of cooling factories, as well as the multiple-zone requirements of office buildings.

For quality work in domestic and chilled water piping, process piping, even gas, air, and chemical piping, our plumbers and pipefitters are true craftsman, equally experienced in all types of piping materials: copper, PVC, stainless steel, glass and steel piping systems.


Heat is one of the most difficult systems to design for an industrial building. Engineers must determine how to keep workers comfortable in expansive rooms of heat-generating machines. Ideal Consolidated’s engineers are experienced in this type of work, and our installation experts will build the system to the exact specifications for maximum comfort with minimum energy use.

Design / Build

Design Build focuses on combining design, permit and construction schedules in order to streamline the traditional Plan & Spec process. Ideal Consolidated’s in-house preconstruction group utilizes cutting-edge technologies to optimize both efficiency and effectiveness in order to meet our customer’s design needs.